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Psychedelic Diaries, Vol VI: Seven types of profound macrodose trips

"When student is ready, the teacher appears"

-Old proverb

I’ve had 100+ trips and all of them are different, beautiful and impactful in various ways.

Sometimes you’re off in a distant dimension or galaxy. Other times, while smack dab in the middle of the trip, you’ll feel completely and utterly lucid.

Then, on occasion, one of the profound trips happens.

There appears to be a consistent tapestry and, in guiding others, I’ve noticed there may be a particular chronology* to the profound trips.

Almost as if a higher power is weaning you into the various stages of illumination.

7 profound trips:

1) The Soul Mover

Imagine one of those slick Detroit car manufacturing machines that attaches parts, like the door, to the car. But instead of the door it’s your soul… and instead of the car it’s the human avatar.

It pulled me in-and-out a few times as if to say… do you get it now, Ray?

2) The Blue Light

It feels like you are riding / part of / inextricable from a vast blue beam of light that is all of existence. My consciousness was embedded in an intertwined infinity of space and time.

I came away from this feeling that I had experienced nirvana.

3) The Family

I had a visceral interaction with deceased family: my father, grandfather and grandmother. I’m not big into the paranormal and yet came away unequivocally convinced I had interacted with them.

My lasting memory is telling them that I miss them, they responded by saying “we’re so proud of you,” then I experienced the most intense cry I can remember.

4) The Alien

This profound trip can feel like an interaction with an alien presence.

And yet, the foreign presence is also paradoxically familiar… a strange feeling that it's family.

Not as a replacement for human family, but rather, a family at a more fundamental level. It left a feeling that this human experience is just a ride.

5) The Control Room

Imagine operating the master control room of a power plant. You can control every component of the power plant, pull any reading or stat.

Now imagine that instead of a power plant, it’s you. It feels like going to the control panel of your own existence and having a chance to poke around.

This generated a feeling of deep fascination with my mind and body.

6) The Rebirth

My whole consciousness was reset. I was reborn as another person, so much so that I didn’t even recognize who I had been.

My body language and motor skills immediately after the rebirth closely resembled the behavior of a freshly newborn infant.

This brought an unparalleled sense of perspective towards the nature of my existence.

7) The Meeting with God

The most ineffable experience of them all. This one changed the course of my life and still brings tears to my eyes.

It wasn’t a bearded Old Testament god, or even a human form. It was an amorphous energy form that was undeniably much bigger than me on a dimensional level. I felt a profound sense of love.

If you’ve ever had a really smart dog, there are moments where he looks at you and wants to understand you, more than anything, but can’t.

In those moments, your love and connection to that dog is so strong that all you want to do is help him understand. You can’t, so in lieu of that, you simply communicate your love to him.

Now imagine the roles are reversed. You are that loved dog that wants to understand, more than anything, but can’t.

Yet you feel loved on a level that defies words.


Don’t try

One piece of advice: if you’re adventuring, try not to want or seek any of these experiences.

Seeking or expecting them is the best way to not have them. Rather, let the medicine do what it wants and do your best to be a blank slate.

If you're able to experience a profound trip, it may change the nature of your existence in beautiful ways.


* I shuffled the order of the experiences to avoid biasing your journeys

Psychedelic Diaries refresher

This ten-part series chronicles monthly, full-dose, psychedelic therapy over five years. It will cover the insights, challenges, and overall impact.

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