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Psychedelic Diaries, Vol III: Entering the ‘Mozart Zone’

"He not being busy born is busy dying"

—Bob Dylan

What: the Mozart Zone is a small period of time where you’re the most brilliant version of you

When: a 3–4 week period that starts roughly 5 days after a macrodose

How: execute a few small steps and one big one: an intentional psychedelic macrodose

What it’s like: an extended flow state. A sense that you are the most charming and intelligent version of yourself. A sense of fitting in with the universe and comfort in your own skin.

Yeah, sure, sounds reaaally neat, bucko, but can you prove it? Short answer: no. Long answer: yes. I monitored my own productivity week over week at work for three years. I also kept tabs on two things: 1) my ability to articulate extemporaneously and, 2) my ability to create.

The results were clear: the phenomenon is real.

So what: macrodosing can get you close to feeling what Mozart felt while composing a new symphony


  • It’s the closest thing we have to feeling like Bradley Cooper in Limitless

  • You feel like you are as much of a genius as is possible in your body

  • You are consistently mindful and in-the-moment

  • You feel really good


  • You have to make some sacrifices (see below)

  • You will be on a certain wavelength and in some ways it can be lonely

  • You are in a susceptible and slightly awkward state the few days before the MZ kicks in


Ok, besides the macrodose what else do I need to do?

Think of when you’ve gotten a sinus infection and the doctor prescribed antibiotics.

You need to take 4 pills the first day, but critically, you have to keep taking 1 pill a day for the next few days.

If you stop taking the pills after day 1 it won’t work. Coaxing the Mozart Zone works in a similar manner.

The psychedelic macrodose is the “4 pills on day 1.”

The “1 pill a day for the next few days” is this:

For 5 days after the macrodose:

  1. Refrain from alcohol, marijuana, or other recreational drugs

  2. Limit inputs (news, bad influences, stressors)

  3. Meditate for 12 minutes a day

  4. Eat very healthy

Macrodosing incites neuroplasticity in your brain. But what does that actually mean?

It means the neural patterns in your brain are in a malleable state, which is great for change.

The neuroplasticity from a macrodose operates like this: your brain is very malleable in those first five days and slowly tapers back to normal over time.

That means, in the beginning, your brain is almost too malleable, and thus in a vulnerable state, much like a child’s.

So, for a few days, treat your brain like you’d treat a 10-year-old brain.

Would you knowingly subject your 10-year-old child to:

  1. Drugs

  2. Shitty news

  3. A frantic mind, or

  4. Lousy food?

Of course not. So treat your mind with the same care.

After 5 days the period of very-high-neuroplasticity subsides and you can soften the restrictions.


The Mozart Zone

During day 6 through 30 post-macrodose, your brain finds the sweet spot.

You’ll have a healthy level of neuroplasticity, balanced with the most useful neural patterns formed from years of maturation.

It’s the best of both worlds: a child’s sense of creativity fused with an adult’s intuition.

A child’s sense of wonder mixed with the resilience of an adult.

The combination is formidable.

Tinker with creative pursuits and engage your most vexing challenges during the Mozart Zone.

You’ll like the results.


Psychedelic Diaries refresher

This ten-part series chronicles monthly, full-dose, psychedelic therapy over five years. It will cover the insights, challenges, and overall impact.


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